Month: February 2016

The cost of running volunteer home visiting schemes?

Hi All,

Our Board are keen to develop a national volunteer home visiting scheme in which volunteers visit people with Parkinson’s in their own homes to provide advice and support.

At the moment I am developing a paper which highlights the resources, staff and support that is required as well as the various policies and procedures in order to facilitate volunteers to do this safely and effectively.

I’d very much like to present them with some costsing and wondered if anyone else ran similar schemes? could provide figures on how much a volunteer service of this nature costs to resource?


Not sure the scheme I run will quite compare as it’s a local scheme – but we recruit volunteers to visit people with a Visual Impairment in their own homes (may include going out together) on average weekly for about two hours – we cover only the City of York area. We currently have about 75 partnerships – some vols have two clients – a few clients have two vols, and there are always a few vols resting – that means we do actually average a case load of about 70 supported by about 75 vols. Vols are offered travel expenses from their home to the client and back – very few take them up – costs of going out together are met by the client.

I am employed for 27 hours per week but have a remit also to manage all the volunteering in the organisation – this probably means about half a day a week on that. Many of my partnerships are very long term so the hands on management reduces as time goes on – I do no formal supervision but aim to keep in touch with all volunteers and clients on a reasonably regular basis – vols are required to report on paper on a quarterly basis.

I have a volunteer who does monitoring visits to clients on an annual basis. We are funded to the tune of £18k (just taken a 4% cut to that level) – and we more or less work to budget which covers my (not huge!) salary and admin costs as well as sundry costs such as food for events, training etc. I suspect that we manage on a pretty tight rein – it will be interesting to see how others compare!