Month: January 2017

Sure you’ll get lots of good ideas from others

but I will add my vote for thinking about those volunteers who can also gain from the experience, have free time and can be extremely valuable, comitted and understanding of clients because they themselves have been previously marginalised – so, for example, asylum seekers, homeless, ex-offenders.

I’ve always found that extremely specifically targetted recruitment works best – so a lot of thinking first about exactly what qualities as well as skills and experience each specific role calls for, then what sort of people have those, then what would attract that specific group.

So, for example, when I worked at Victim Support, we had a real shortage of male volunteers and at the same time male clients who would have liked a man to talk to. They needed to be mobile, available out of office hours, sometimes able go to less salubrious areas so to be aware of safety issues, and good listeners. So we targetted mini cab companies, with surpising success – I guess they’d seldom been approached before!

Thinking about how to divide up the roles to meet the needs of ideal types of volunteers is also vital, and what hours they would find available (but only where that also meets your organisation’s own needs and resources).

Also highlighting bonuses of the role specifically to the target potential workforce. So offering a few hours orientation with staff at the Briish Museum was a big draw for recruiting outer London local museum volunteers, or offering a few hours’ help or even a workshop on updating CV’s to mums returning to the workplace etc.

hope that’s of some use/interest