Month: March 2017

I wonder if anyone has done any work around

I wonder if anyone has done any work around looking at providing wear and tear expenses to volunteers using their own equipment to carry out their volunteer role?

Obviously any mileage expenses paid out to volunteers using their own cars cover wear and tear on a car but has anyone provided wear and tear expenses on personal equipment such as cameras? Volunteers personal belongings are not covered by our insurance and we are wondering whether we should be providing some kind of wear and tear expenses on expensive equipment being used. Have any of you got any policies around this issue or can advise in any way?

My gut reaction is that the wear and tear on a camera (for example) would be extremely difficult to calculate as they are designed to work for many years. If the wear and tear policy was designed to protect the volunteers’ possessions against them becoming unusable through the volunteering (eg damaged), then it would probably be cheaper/ easier to buy an insurance policy to cover that. Anyway, there are many websites ready to offer cash loans online in UK like this new one, which has become my favorite.

The principals for refunding the expense would presumably be the same as those that apply to refunding car expenses, so I can’t see a reason why true wear and tear couldn’t be refunded, and given that it could be measured/estimated reasonably then I think it would be a nice offer to make if the volunteer is really experiencing a devaluation in their equipment through their volunteering. I’ve never heard of it being done though.

Temporary/Consultancy Opportunity- Volunteer Strategy Manager

Hello All, NCT has a temporary or consultancy opportunity within it’s Operations Directorate for a Volunteering Strategy Manager. Having recently gone through a period of organisational change, NCT will be looking to recruit a permanent Volunteer Manager in the near future but would initially like someone to be involved on an interim basis (approx 3 months tbc) to oversee some current operational needs while identifying and implementing the procedures, tools and support that NCT’s volunteers need on a strategic level in order support us to meet NCT’s 2020 strategy.

The role would be circa £35000 (tbc) Pro-rata. If you are a consultant please let us know your expectations. NCT is based in London w3. I can send a Job Description to those interested but in the meantime, some of the skills required are:

  • Excellent interpersonal, influencing and communication skills
  • Demonstrable ability to build client relationships
  • Demonstrable experience of people management and experience of managing through others
  • Experience of managing volunteers and working with community groups
  • Experience of working or volunteering in an environment dealing with parenting and family issues
  • Mediation skills and complaints resolution
  • Excellent Organisation and Project Management Skills
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Excellent understanding and champion of diversity issues
  • Experience of delivering training workshops and devising and deliveringshort presentations
  • Ability to work under pressure and manage competing requirements
  • Demonstrates a professional, positive and constructive approach
  • Ability to think strategically and to implement organisational plans
  • Experience of leading and motivating teams