At present the training is anticipated to be for telephone

Thank you for you reply at present the training is anticipated to be for telephone befrienders for isolated elders and has a very national span.

The thinking is to look at compiling perhaps a variety of ways to do this so sorry to be vague. It is a new concept for me and i would welcome ways of learning, platforms any examples of use etc from others .Challenges things to consider .

It would require helping volunteers to look at communication styles , bust steroetypes cover boundaries, reporting, support and of course check the volunteer has the skills and acquired through the the learning and induction process .

is that any use just need to get ideas from A to Z

I’ve not come across many examples of online training for volunteer managers that are specific to the UK, certainly not any that go wider than just one topic.

I think part of the problem is that many people still seem to be quite wary about engaging in online training. I know from experience of setting up this group how long it took for people to be comfortable engaging with others and asking questions online and I think that evolution in training provision is still ongoing. I certainly see and hear of scepticism when online training solutions are offered, even when these are much cheaper than face-to-face training.

Perhaps other countries like the USA and Australia don’t have the same anxieties, in part because of the distances involved in travelling to face-to-face training?

All that said I do think there is potential here and I think that if people can overcome their anxieties around the medium and the tools for delivering and engaging in online training there could be more available.

I am delivering a webinar with VC Warrington this afternoon that will be my first experience of delivering online to a live audience. I have also done a course for KnowHow NonProfit on developing volunteer roles which is available online at

If you’d be interested in talking about delivering training for you online then I’d be happy to speak with you.

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