Based on my experience of developing learning strategies

Based on my experience of developing learning strategies in a big private organisation, we used e-Learning for reaching the first level of skill required for a certain competency. To be more precise, the company had defined the various competencies and for each of them the level of skill required by his employees in order to be able to perform the tasks required for a specific job.

The lower skill level was awareness and the highest was mastery. E-learning has been extensively used for employees needed to reach the “awareness” level. It could also be a prerequisite for attending some face to face training sessions where attendees must have read and understood some preliminary information. e-Learning is commonly used to reach awareness about mandatory processes, risk and security related issues….

Having said that, a cost, benefits analysis needs to be made before starting any development of an e-Learning module. Volume is key, the more people to train, the better the business case is. A lot of courses are available on the market which saves development but you miss the opportunity to customise it to the specific needs of your organisation.

Finally, you have to make sure your target audience is ready to benefit from an e-Learning approach. Not only the tools (computer, network…) but the mindset. They need to be convinced about the advantages of e-Learning in order to make it a success. Unfortunately, I am not being able to provide a specific example with content relevant for volunteers but I hope this helps.

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