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I’ve just read the advert

With a certain amount of disbelief at what this person is expected to do. Actually a lot of disbelief!

I spent around 17 years working in volunteer centres and nearly 12 years managing one, so I’ve worked at the sharp end and know that there is a lot to be done, a lot expected and a lot of things that you just do because … it needs doing.

My immediate reaction after laughing out loud at what was expected was there was just one last task missing – and that was to tie a broom round their waist and sweep the floor as they went! The saddest thing about that ad is that lots of people will probably apply anyway. Heartbreaking, and probably a nervous breakdown in the making for whoever gets the post. Takes me back to my first “career” type post with a very well funded overseas-development-focused charity in London, where it took me 2 years and over 200 hours unpaid and un-TOIL’ed overtime a year to realise that maybe being paid up to £10,000 less than colleagues and being treated as equivalent to the post-room operative for recruiting, training, supervising and managing over 40 volunteers (compared to the total paid staff of 30) might not be totally fair!

And scariest thing – following on from previous discussions – is that I’ve seen a good few similar roles totally unpaid as internships!Though I guess the advantage in this particular case is that as an intern, or a volunteer, one could (in theory, though equally if not more emotionally damaging) then just walk out if it gets too much….

Deep sighs