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Advertising volunteer opportunities

Over the next year The National Autistic Society will be expanding the amount of volunteers we are hoping to work with.

I’m really interested to know any new or innovative methods that people use to attract/recruit a diverse range of volunteers.

I’m particularly interested in how organisations have successfully used new media to attract new volunteers. I worry that if we always advertise in the same way then we are simply reaching the same group of people.

In the past we have used our website,, mail outs to NAS members, volunteer events etc

I would appreciate any thoughts on this?

Do you engage with Volunteer Centres Daniel?

I know many national organisations don’t tend to engage with local Volunteer Centres for various reason, but quite often we are working with a diverse range of clients, have good local knowledge on what skills local people may have, and have good contacts with colleges, universities, public sector organisations, private sector groups looking for group volunteering, etc. They will also tend to have a database of people who are either existing volunteers or who have expressed an interest in volunteering. Here at Sefton we send out a monthly update, to our volunteer database, with information on new and urgent volunteer roles and we continue to see people on a regular basis in face-to-face interviews as well as providing advice over the phone and via email.

In my previous role with involved Sefton we did use Facebook and Twitter to promote new volunteering through Facebook and Twitter. Of the two Facebook was the most successful, but was still nowhere near as successful as sending emails out to our network.

I have seen PAID FOR volunteer recruitment adverts on Facebook, but have no idea how successful they are.

I also know some charities use texts as a way of circulating information on volunteering, but that would obviously be for people who are already in touch with the organisation.

If you are looking for volunteers in Sefton, or on Merseyside, feel free to get in touch.