We have a volunteer training programme


We have a volunteer training programme we use locally. I asked the local organizations what skills they required from a volunteer joining them, and subsequently designed a course to fit those local needs. We cover things like Diversity and Equality and what that actually means in the context of the organizations they might be volunteering in.

Communication skills – with some emphasis on certain client groups and how communication has to change. Risk and safety, supervision and support. There are other modules, but our course is quite a bit longer than I think you’re looking at. Best advice I can give is to approach your local organizations and ask them what kind of knowledge THEY want the volunteers to already have.

Then equip the volunteers with information about their rights and responsibilities as a volunteer, what to expect and who to speak to if they have any problems. If you can get the volunteers to bond as a group, you may be more likely to retain those volunteers and keep them in touch with you.

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