Yup – all too common sadly

Despite the many thousands of pounds given over the last few years to volunteering lead bodies, there has been a resounding failure in raising the profile and status of volunteer managers in organisations.

This is seen clearly by comparing salaries, and also by looking at how in these austere times almost all investment being made is in fund raising with no thought as to how organisations can best utilise those funds if there is no one leading and implementing the organisations strategy with regards to volunteering.

Even in those organisations where the most senior person with direct responsibility for volunteers works to the CEO, AVM has had feedback that those people are salaried at up to 25% LESS than colleagues on the same level within the organisation.

AVM receives no funding, other than membership fees (which average at £25 per year per member), we have no staff and our board operate as volunteers, within our own time – sometimes with support from our employing organisations. We have had some successes – for example the statement recently released by Skills Third Sector about the values of the skills of volunteer managers, and the agreement that those undertaking the new apprenticeship in managing volunteers will need to be mentored by an experienced manager of volunteers.

With more members our voice is more powerful so think about adding your voice in our continued attempt to campaign and speak out on key issues affecting people who manage volunteers. https://volunteermanagers.org.uk/

It is key to speak out now, there is a new £30 million fund just released and we need to make sure it is invested in ways which enhance the work that we do and ensure that we and our colleagues are properly supported and rewarded for the work that we do.

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